Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wet essential resource... is a stunning site. It is one one of the 100 biggest online communities with 4000 new posts per day. It has 50000 active members, and it is devoted entirely to art. There are forums for every different type of art imaginable, there are articles and tutorials to teach you techniques, there are thousands of professional artists all giving you encouragement and help. There is a reference image library with thousands of images for inspiration, there are links to tried and tested art supply sites, art courses and artists available for comission. The whole thing is totally free with no catches, no suprises and no hidden clauses.

I would not be doing these drawings as i am today if it hadnt been for Wet canvas rekindling my desire to draw.

If you have even the faintest interest in drawing or creating any kind of art, then Wet canvas is an essential resource.


Anonymous Connie van Winssen said...

Hi Leah,
I couldn't agree more about Wet Canvas and especially the WDE. It has been a blessing for me too.
Congratulations on your commission and keep up the very good work! :)
Thanks for your entry in my guestbook

January 31, 2006 10:12 am  

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