Saturday, November 22, 2008

preparatory sketches

DSC09798, originally uploaded by impshlady.

these are a couple of prep sketches I've done before embarking on the next portrait. I've found this helps to loosen me up and get the anatomy sorted.

You might think "why havent i seen a sketch on here before then?" and there is one simple reason for that.

Previously I have transferred the basic outline of the animal onto the paper and then used my time to create the portrait and render all the fur and textures.

the method I used was printing off the photo and drawing over it, and then rubbing that drawing onto the paper, but the printer i have now is too inky to do that, so now, its back to Pet drawing class 101 for me!

I am really loving the chance to get in depth with the portraits and build them up from nothing, and the end results are actually warmer portraits than the previous ones (IMHO) but the knock on effect is they take much much longer to draw.

This portrait is going to be great just because the cat has such great character, and prep work like this reduces the possibility of me finishing the picture only to discover the head is to big or the eyes are too close together.

This means I will have more material to post on this blog, so if there's anyone still following it, or finding it for the first time, I hope it gets more interesting for you from now on! :D


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