Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sparky the wonder horse!

Here's my new commission reference picture...handsome isn't he?

Okay, heres the pencil outline, i transferred some of the major lines in, but to be honest it can be confusing to do that unless you know what they mean, so anything that didnt make sense to me got erased pretty quickly. It took me about an hour to get the outline done to my satisfaction.

I did a watercolour background to save time, the client said he really wanted the horse to stand out as the detailled thing on the picture. i ususally do this in pencil crayon but often i have run out of patience/time and the backgrounds suffer as a result. I put blues at the top of the background and in his eyes and his mane for the sky and reflections and i put a brown over his fur, and green in the bottom of the background. hopefuly this will give the suggestion of outdoors without me having to draw it in. The watercolour and this amount of pencil work took me another hour.

I'm using Derwent Studio pencils by the way. I used golden brown above his nostrils, sepia as an undercoat, and chocolate over the top. This was after another hour.

I used french grey for the areas around his eyes and his nostrils and mouth. i burnished all the light areas with white, and then went back over putting in the darks with chocolate again. I suppose another half hour. its hard to keep track!

I have to do his neck next as i worry that I wont be able to match it to the face if i leave it too long. I'm glad to see the background is receding nicely the more work i do on the horse.


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