Thursday, January 26, 2006

New Zazzle pet portrait gift store!

Click to visit the new Zazzle store! Posted by Picasa

I've created a Pet portrait gift shop on Zazzle, which will sell gift items such as prints, greetings cards and even U.S. Postage with Pencil Pet designs on.
I only use images if the owner gives their consent, or images that are still in my private collection.
I will be adding new products with each new design i create so be sure to check back regularly and browse the store.
If you have already had a portrait drawn then why not get matching notecards to go with it? I can place your drawing on items and send you the link so you can order them yourself. I can even make them private so other visitors can't order them, which would mean you had a truly unique gift.

If you are thinking of commissioning a drawing but perhaps havent got the budget yet, the zazzle notecards and prints make affordable gifts.

If you have any requests of dog types youwould like to see drawn and in the zazzle store, then let me know. I'll still have the drawing, but you'll have a specially designed gift item.

Click here to start shopping!


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