Monday, June 25, 2007

Booboo the akita

wow its been a long time since i posted on here, but then its been a long time since i drew any pets! I have done a couple of commissions of people for family members but i didn't think it was appropriate to post them on here.

now i get to post booboo though. he was lovely to draw thanks mainly to the great picture i had for a reference.
I am so pleased as this is my first non cash portrait commission. I post on a site called and people on there are really into swapping things they make with each other. Its a great idea as it means people can get handmade items they wouldn't be able to make or buy otherwise, and to craft things for other people and make friends. its fab! I had no idea what to offer to swap as my knitting is good but not great, my sewing is about the same and i don't have any skills in other crafts to speak of really. The only thing i hadn't thought of was my drawing...i know its quite obvious isn't it.

i posted my portraits and was inundated with requests almost immediately. the first one i have done is booboo, which i am swapping for a supercool weekend bag. i am so excited! :D

anyway enough of me blathering here he is!

I am going to wait and then organize my next personal swap, as i have a lot to do at the moment. but as soon as i do it'll be posted on here!


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