Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Second cat..."Jazz"

oops forgot to show you this one, my last commission, and only my second cat, so quite nerve wracking. This time i experimented with doing an underpainting in watercolour before drawing over it in coloured pencil.
12x8 100lb W+N cartridge block. Derwent pencils and Daler & Rowney watercolours.

Ordering your portrait...

You can order an original 8x10 coloured pencil portrait drawn by myself from your photographs.

I primarily use Derwent Artist coloured pencils on Windsor and Newton 100lb smooth heavy Cartridge paper

I need at least one very clear picture of your pet, ideally a picture you already love as a photo, but that would look lovely as a professionally drawn portrait.

To date I have been commissioned to draw dogs (bull terriers, Dalmatians, king Charles spaniels and more) cats, horses and even a guinea pig! If you have an unusual pet that you would like me to draw just ask, I'm always up for a challenge!

If you don't have any really wonderful pictures, or if you find it hard to take them, I can take a pose from one picture and an expression from another and the colour of the coat from a third.
What is important is that I can see the animal clearly. I love large high resolution digital photographs to work from because I can put in so much more detail on the portrait. If the photo you send me is not sufficiently detailed, I may ask you for other photographs.

Composing elements of different photos into one drawing might take slightly longer than working from one photo, so email in advance to discuss any changes to the price.

If you want more than one animal, or a particular background, or any other special feature, email first and we can discuss it.

Ideally you can email me the reference photographs, but I will accept prints sent by snail mail. They will be returned with your drawing when it is shipped to you.

All reference photographs must be copy write free.

I can mat your picture if you want, and ship it flat, or roll it, unmatted and send it in a tube. This is the cheapest and safest way to send your drawing, but it is your choice. If you want it matted email and we can discuss the details.

My prices vary from one commission to the next, but they start at £40/$80 for the most basic portrait.

Please email all enquiries to

Or visit to browse my store.

This is a drawing of my SIL's Staffordshire Bull terrier.

It was challenging because the coat length and colour meant a very uniform amount of detail. As you can see i normally draw as much of the animal as i think looks nice. This is free and i do not charge extra for a leg or a bit of back or anything. Some pet portraitists seem to charge by the inch for dogs, which is silly. If a photo shows an animal sitting nicely why not draw it in that pose? Also if you get a great picture and then reduce it to just the animals head to make it affordable for the client, you are producing a much less interesting drawing for the sake of a few quid.

anyway rant over...enjoy my drawings and let me know if you want one of your furry friend.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Cavalier spaniel (King Charles)

This was another commission, but it took much longer than anticipated because those ears were fiendish! the eyes were really weird too because they arent round at all! i could have done more on the white fur but by that time i was in carpal anxiety. 8x12 on W&N 100lb heavy paper. Derwents again, heavy on the browns. i love the colour of the mount on this one, sets it off a treat.

Great Dane in acrylics

this was another experiment, i wanted to do a stylised portrait, and make the background really bright. The dog has such a lovely profile, i like the shape it makes. The acrylic took me a few hours but it was very lucky, i'm not sure every dog would suit this style.

Weimeraner in watercolours...

This was an experiment which went rather well. I decided that pencils were a bit hard on the hands (after a commission where i drew the last half of it with an ice pack tied to the back of my hand!) and branched out into watercolours. It took ages, and i worked on it over a few days but the end result was very satisfying. It's 12x16 on Winsor and Newton 140lb Watercolour block.

Double portait, English Bull and Staffy together.

This was a commission i did a few months ago, the bull terrier was hard because they have such strange shaped heads, and small eyes, but the Staffy was lovely. Why do i get so many white dogs to draw? i have no idea, but they save on pencils! 12x16 100lb Winsor and Newton heavy cartridge paper.

Bob the Dalmation

this one was a gift for my mother in law, and i love his expression. he is a gormless but beautiful dog, and i think i got that across quite well. i also experimented with background colours here...backgrounds take ages, but give the picture a better grounding i think.

8x12 on 100lb Windsor and Newton heavyweight cartridge. Derwent pencils (all of them are, but i feel i have to inform you each time...not sure why)

Scrappy the Jack Russell

this was a present for a friend, the dog is so small and fierce but it looks really worried all the time, that was what happened here. 8x12 again on copy paper still.

Chad...trying out cats...

This was the first cat that looked as furry as the dogs. He was easy too because he's black and white...used half a pencil though. 8x12


This was the first (why didnt i post it first? i have no idea but here it is now) the one that gave me the urge to draw lots of dogs. It would never have occurred to me had it not been for this little chap. The blueness of his coat was exaggerated but i really like the effect. The white areas work very well without detail too. He's 8x10in, derwents on copy paper. About two hours again.

Rusty In a sunbeam

This is one i am really proud of, the shine on the floor and the fur on his paw are some of my best work. its 8x12 in Derwents again. I think it took about three hours.


This is one of the first dog drawings I attempted, a little toy fox terrier called Chelsea. It took me a couple of hours all told, and is 8x8in. I used Derwent Studio and Artist coloured pencils on 100lb sketchbook watercolour paper. I'm very pleased with the expression on this one.